Disk Catalogue, cd catalog, dvd catalog, audio, video and data bakup management
disk catalogue - cd catalog, dvd catalog. keep track of your data.

Lost in Gigabytes of your Disks?

Find your file or disk, and organize the rest as easy as making a few clicks with your mouse.
Disk Catalogue is an extremely powerful and user-friendly tool for creation and management of databases of CDs, DVDs, hard
disks, network shares and other media. Data listings provide a
simple way to keep track of what you have.
How do you know your file is here?

Disk Catalogue Features

Create a listing of folders and files on a data storage volume
(CD, DVD, file share, hard disk folder, etc.)
Organize volumes into user-defined categories
Add text comment to any file, folder or disk
Search for files/folders using file/folder name or text comments
Search for duplicate files
Viewing the discrepancies between the stored listing with the actual volume content
Update volume information
Maintain a list of users with their own listings
Share listings with other users
Maintain a list of 'rent out' disks with a personal contact list
Customize the application look and feel to suit your preferences
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